Fielding Positions

This chart shows all of the fielding positions used in the game of cricket. It is beneficial for a young player to learn these fielding positions as it will help in their development and knowledge of the game as well as being of great assistance to their Captain and Team Manager in a match situation.

You will see from the chart there are more fielding positions listed than you are allowed in a match. In a match there are only 11 fielders, of which one will be the bowler and another wicketkeeper, leaving only 9 players to field. So choosing the positions of fielders is extremely important.

Fielding is one of the 3 main disciplines of the game, batting and bowling being the others.

Good fielders are extremely important to their team. Fielders stop runs being scored by the opposing team and they can play a huge part in taking wickets. Fielders can take an amazing catch or run out an opposing batsman with a sharp piece of fielding, both of which could be the difference between your side winning or losing.